Accessories: DIY Statement Necklace

I’ve been wanting a ‘torque’ style statement necklace for quite a while now, but on the realisation that I have no money in plain view, I decided to have a crack at making my own. If you like the look of it, then follow these easy steps

  1. Get your hands on some scrap leather and cut out a torque shape. You don’t have to use leather, but a thick and sturdy fabric is needed, that won’t fray 
  2. Draw your cut-out design onto the leather torque. It can be geometric triangles, or perhaps a more tribal zig-zag pattern
  3. Using scissors or a sharp craft knife (careful!) cut out the segments, being sure to cut out the outlines as well 
  4. You should be left with your necklace’s “shell”. I recommend keeping the cut-outs (they could come in handy for a matching pair of earrings, bracelet, ring or separate necklace) 
  5. Now punch/cut a hole in either end of the torque. The hole needs to be close enough to the edge that you can fit a jump ring nicely through it, but not so close that it’ll stretch and break the material 
  6. Now attach your jump ring - this is easy, just find a link if an old bracelet or necklace if you don’t have any rings lying about, and simply separate it with some plyers, through the hole and then close the link back up again
  7. Once you’ve repeated that on the other end, attach your chain in the same way
  8. Et voila! Tu as un collier nouveau